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Velvet by Graham & Spencer - Starling03 Rayon Crepe Sleeveless Top (POM) Women's Clothing

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Understated style abounds in this simple top. ; Loose, blousson fit. ; Henley collar with V-notch. ; Sleeveless design. ; Pintucks at collar seam. ; Shirttail hemline. ; Unlined. ; Pullover design. ; 97% viscose, 3% elastane. ; Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. ; Made in the U.S.A. and Imported. Measurements: ; Length: 31 in ; Product measurements were taken using si...
Velvet by Graham & Spencer, Starling03 Rayon Crepe Sleeveless Top, STARLING03-604, Apparel Top General, Top, Top, Apparel, Clothes Clothing, Gift, 6pm,,

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